Stress, what is the way out?

‘No time’ is the public rhetoric today! ‘I am stressed’ is the common answer. Yes, we want to be in control of everything. Yet we control nothing. We are tired, exhausted, and irritated. We are in agony, frustrated, angry, tensed and depressed. This situation is our main status today and is posted on our wall.

Life pressure, work pressure, family pressure, friends and peer pressure…., the list is long! Life is moving fast. Very fast indeed. Often, faster than we can imagine it. The speed with which life gallops surpasses by far our ability to cope with it.

We wake up in a rush. We get connected to the digital world. We scroll down and up the screens. We rush with the basic routines of our existence and start to fix things and the day along and ahead. There is a divide between reality and fiction today. There is a duality where the virtual world has established its supremacy over the real world. We are unable to make the difference between the two. Are we victims or the players?

We eat fast and quickly; forget a few basic things behind and around. We get engaged in our thoughts. We get entangled in traffic and congestions, face pollution, get transported by our imagination focussing on what next. And that’s it. The day and the daily activities have it all on us. We miss the sun for the whole day, fail to breathe full lung and do not notice the evening and the night all illuminated by the moon and the stars. We do not feel the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the dew on our skin and do not touch the soil and more often forget to enjoy nature.

Night is there. It has already engulfed the day and the evening. We see through artificial lights and try to figure out what is happening. We have missed to do a few things and we ponder over a few relations. For a while we remain in our thoughts, feeling the exhaustion overwhelming us. We nap with the thought of another rush day tomorrow…. We have missed the NOW. And everything happens in the now!

We sleep to wake up again facing our concerns again, our problems while remaining in our comfort zones and sticking ceremoniously to our routines. We blame everybody else for everything and everything around us seems to bother us while we remain confidently convinced that what ‘is’, is from outside. The blunt reality is that everything is happening inside, and inside us.

There is nothing a thing known as stress, it’s our mental condition. And there is a but. Are we ready to see things differently? That’s the question!

Suraj Ray | 20.08.2017