Eat and drink healthy in 2018!

Eating & Drinking habits and our health.

We eat without the feel hungry symptoms. We drink without the thirsty syndrome. We read so many stuffs on the internet and published media. We listen to rumours and take ‘advice’ from friends about food consumption and drinking habits. We remain totally confused and end up eating and drinking wrong. We then suffer from bad health.

Our body is the most sophisticated machine on the planet. It auto regulates itself. Our body has the capacity to protect itself from foreign bodies. It can naturally heal itself when injured. We, human being, we have deregulated it by going against our own natural needs.

We must not overlook the power of the feel hungry and thirsty mechanisms – they are absolutely necessary natural mechanisms. They are very important. They trigger our basic survival needs. We must eat when we are hungry because the body has already prepared itself to digest food – does this sounds obvious? We must drink water when we are thirsty. Nothing else. We have interiorised that drinking carbonated drinks or commercial beverages is important or good. If we want to remain healthy. We need to respect our body and natural instincts.

So we propose five simple tips for everybody. Yes, everybody can do these things at no cost and no effort.

First, eat food when hungry. The theories that we need to eat 1-2-3-4-5-6 or whatever number of meals a day is simply not accurate. Each human being is unique with unique body requirements and structures. So eat as much as one’s body needs. Can we sit on a low chair or a mat against the floor to eat? Try it.

Second, eat unprocessed foods. That is avoid commercial and fast foods. Can we reduce it considerably by say more than 50%? Go for more natural local foods. Are we ready to do some gardening? Do some gardening. We can cultivate indoor and outdoor at home so many things we consume – like fruits, vegetable including spices. Supplement from local groceries and stores the food we need.

What about eating meat, egg, fish and drinking milk, juice and alcohol. Commercials have transformed our habits and implanted a new culture to consumerism. There is a big difference between ‘commercial’ and ‘local’ meat, egg, fish, milk, juice and alcohol. Big one indeed. Opt for locals. The commercials have not only forced the beliefs but perverted the truth. Human being can live very healthily by feeding fruits, vegetables and drinking water only.

But different individuals have different body requirements. So eat whatever the body requires without making of commercial meat, egg, milk, juice, and alcohol an absolute quantitative requirement. Eat such food when available from the local market. Avoid the commercial stuffs.

Third, drink water when thirsty. During, with, before or after meal does not matter. Just drink water the amount the thirst demands. Any time of the day or night is just fine. Nothing can replace water. About juice and alcohol: make juice at home and consume with its pulp. Avoid commercial juice. A little ‘spirit’ will do no harm! Anyhow we always have alcohol indirectly from foods.

Fourth, we already get sugar and salt in everything we consume – no need to take sugar, salt over the top – especially sugar in tea, coffee or salt over cooked food. Consume local fruits and vegetables when hungry.

Fifth, avoid the myths and rumours. Listen to the body. Every human being has a personal own capacity. Commercials are misleading and vehicle lies. Do what your body demands. But the basics remain constant for everybody. Fresh food and water when hungry and thirsty. Two things apart from eating when hungry and drinking water when thirsty that really makes difference in our lives are activity and rest. Never underestimate the power of a good nap and remaining active contrary to leading a sedentary life.

That’s it. Can we go for it? Have a healthy year AHEAD. Eat and drink healthy in 2018!

Suraj Ray | 13.01.2018