50 years and sustainable development!

Are we ready for sustainable development?

Celebrating 50 years of Independence Anniversary is a great milestone. This year Mauritius celebrated its 50th Independence Anniversary! Its a moment of glory! But, in terms of sustainable development, where are we today in 2018? From 1968 to 2018 we have been developing Mauritius. We have gone a long way. We have made ‘progress’. The question is in which direction?

Our economic model moved from agriculture to tourism in the 70’s and from the great industrialization in the 80’s to the financial services in the 2000’s. For the last two decades the ICT/BPO sector has taken the lead and the agro-economic sector is revamping gradually still waiting for the great leap towards the so called blue economy.

The Republic of Mauritius is still struggling with what sustainable development is. People are still confused about its definition, meaning and of course its effects. Heritage sites have been destroyed in the name of development and also out of proper planning and respect for our history. Some good minds suggest that economic advancement has a price. But the price seems too expensive! We have lost part of our heritage.

In quest of economic development, we have been destroying our lagoon, i.e. corals reefs, deforesting unreasonably, letting our fauna and flora deplete and so on.  Today fraud, corruption, ill business practices and illicit drugs have invaded our institutions ad society. The price of development is heavy for the population and sustaining the long praised ‘welfare state’ is standing on a tread. It seems we are a long way to sustainable development. It’s a culture. It’s a mindset! It’s a responsibility. It’s a personal responsibility.