Values of the Republic?

Republic of Mauritius – what are the values of the Republic?

We need to have a set of strong Republican Values. It’s necessary for a nation to rise.

We are celebrating our 50th Independence Anniversary this 12th day of March 2018. Our multi-racial and multi-cultural Republic of Mauritius is roaring its pride atop every roof. Yes, it’s a matter of pride that we have beautifully cohabited as a nation in this little island of the Indian Ocean for more than a century and specifically after 1968 (year Mauritius got its independence).

We have so many good reasons to celebrate our independence. So let’s celebrate democracy, unity and inclusion in diversity this year and strengthen the ‘values’ of the Republic in a sustainable manner for now and for the coming years and generations to come. Together let’s thrive for a sustainable future.

Values are very important and shape nations. This year Mauritius must take some strong steps to strengthen democracy in diversity. We need strong values that drives people in one direction. The press/media is outdated in Mauritius. The newspapers must rise above all considerations and revamp their writings. Racists must be brought to task by the Republic and its not the role of the press to insult any religion or community. People must rise above all religious and ethnical considerations and appurtenance to paint the rainbow of cultural diversity and re-affirm democracy.

Lets celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary with pride and glory. Let’s uplift the values of the republic:  Democracy, Non-Discrimination, Inclusion in Diversity, Co-existence & Respect – but above all, love and humanity.

Suraj Ray|23.02.2018