Inequality is Real!

Inequality is the challenge of this era!

We have a tendency to think that inequality is only a word. But are we aware that we are all facing unequal treatment or inequality in one way or the other? Statistics Mauritius confirms growing income inequality in Mauritius. Is this the consequence of industrialization or the so called development? Whilst our country makes progress as mirrored in the publications, the inequality gap continues to broaden and deepen! The question is how can we reduce inequality?

Think sustainable, act sustainable and live a meaningful life.  That’s the solution to reducing inequality. In our quest to improving the quality of our lives we have gone a long way to irreversibly change the world. Mauritius being a small country, with a small population and less dynamic economy has to face the challenge of ‘negative growth’ or ‘jobless growth’ which leads to income inequality to a greater extent.

Admittedly, we have made considerable progress in terms of technology and facilities. But the paradox remains that technological advancement brings more inequality among human beings. Addressing this inequality is the essence of our existence as an association.

Inequality is not a myth but a daunting reality in Mauritius.