Plantation of Kidney Beans

Our first Green Project (Ref. P001/GP/2021) has been a success!

Ref. P001/GP/2021 (Plantation of Kidney Beans as part of our 3C Project)

How it began!

We were enthusiast at start to have some space in front of our New Head Quarters. But the yard was filled with dirt, garbage and shrubs, including thorns. Obviously we had to clean up the whole thing.  While we started cleaning the yard, unveiling to us fresh soil and the idea of converting the whole place into a vegetable garden germinated in our minds. That’s it!

We converted our yard into a green space and vegetable garden. Our new Head Office is at Royal Road, Amitié, Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius. Amitié is a small village in the district of Rivière du Rempart located in the north of the island with a small population, plenty of sugarcane fields and green spaces. Gradually we are improving the space.

Our New Garden (February 2021)
Our New Garden (February 2021)
First Harvest (March 2021)


Preparatory works started earlier in October till November (2020).

Taking stock of yard in October 2020
Removal of garbage and dirt – October 2020

The Transformation

In December the yard started to take shape. The cleaning had advanced significantly and the yard started to get ready. The fresh soil was unveiled…

December 2020
December 2020
The yard was completely cleaned and prepared to receive its 1st seedlings

January 2021, plantation of seedlings and germination. January is a hot month in Mauritius so irrigation was necessary. We used whatever means we had. A hose was useful in the circumstances.

January 2021 germination
February 2021, plants ready to flower and give fruits

March 2021, cropping

In March we started harvesting our fist produce. Usually kidney beans are consumed when its still tender as Mauritians prefer it. Otherwise the fruit is left to be matured for consumption otherwise. A good start indeed!