Drive consciously, please.

2 persons died on our roads this 1st day of January 2018. Are we Mauritians so bad drivers or are we careless road users? We observe that road safety campaigns have not been less in the last few years. But the impact has been dauntingly negative.

What has gone wrong then? The roads or the users? We believe it’s our own attitude on roads and our relationship with vehicles and road users.

There is a strong perception that alcohol and fatalities on the roads is causal or even the single factor. Yes, alcohol is one contributing factor to accidents. But it is not the only factor. Everything is in the minds of road users. The conscious driver and the conscious road user is awake to the road environment. It is therefore necessary to remain conscious.

Road safety campaigns have been geared to arouse public attention to the risks that alcohol presents. But the fact remains that we all decide the outcome of journey on the roads.

Conscious driving is the key to reducing completely road fatalities. ‘Accident’ can be considerably reduced as well. A new paradigm shift in the mind-set of drivers and road users is required. Let’s use our roads consciously.