Safety on our roads!

Unprecedented deaths on our roads

Road accidents are common nowadays. But fatal road accidents have become a banality in the Republic of Mauritius. In 2017, 152 was the number of fatal road accidents causing deaths. In 2016 it was 132. Unfortunately, the trend is upward rising again in 2018 and its worst this year! Recently in July government came with a very drastic decision of zero tolerance for alcohol while driving. While this ‘zero tolerance’ decision is a debatable resolution whereas alcohol does not really seem to be the main culprit. So why so many fatal road accidents. And there is a perception that some ‘well connected’ people always get through the police/judiciary net for obvious reasons. So are we really addressing the problem at its root or is Mauritius treating the symptoms? Answering this question will surely shed some light as to why our roads in Mauritius have become a deadly yard were irresponsible drivers seem to have a licence to kill!