Transforming AHEAD’s yard @ its Head Office in L’Amitié

Enthusiastically transforming AHEAD’s yard into Vegetable Garden.

AHEAD’s 2nd Green Project (Ref.P002/2021) has been completed.

On the 1st day of October 2020, AHEAD moved in its new Head Office situated at Royal Road, Amitié.  The yard was introduced as part of the 1st Green Project (P001/2021), a plot of bare land infested with shrubs, weeds, construction waste and dirt. In fact it looked like a dumping ground. AHEAD decided to invest time. In fact, after a year of occupancy, AHEAD has totally transformed its yard and has successfully converted it into a wonderful green garden with a lovely green space. A challenging experience! Indeed!

The transformation process is a short term voluntary investment fully conceptualised in line with the vision, mission, values and Objects of the Association. Today the yard is a transformed into a beautiful green vegetable garden. A refreshed useful green space inspiring progress. AHEAD engages into sustainable development activities and meeting the SDGs is important.

Transformation is another to change! AHEAD has gradually improved its physical environment into a green hub! Its beautiful, attractive and a wonderful place to work and rest. AHEAD Head Office is not only an office and work place, it a leisure walk! AHEAD invites for a visit! Welcome!