Sustainable Drainage Systems in L’Amitié

Sustainable Drainage Systems in L’Amitié
The solution is “a sustainable drainage system”!

L’Amitié a Flood zone: In our previous blog entitled Brutal aftermath of heavy rains we explored the topography of L’Amitié. The village is very prone to floods. Inhabitants are traumatized in the aftermath of heavy rains and flood. New water sources have erupted here and there. Small streams have formed and water is running in fields, yards and roads. In places where water has stagnated ponds have become the new attraction. The village is now the den of mosquitoes!

Absence of drains in the village: The fact is disturbing. A village which is the prey of flood waters since immemorial times has no drains by the road sides. No corrective measures have been brought by the Authorities over the past two decades. Absence of drains encourages water overflow on the roads. With rain abundance the saturated land has become impermeable. And water has no proper canalization to follow and is left to its own at the risk and peril of the inhabitants.

Sustainable Development: Development is far fr sustainable. From agricultural lands and sugar cane fields have erupted roads, houses and constructions. And from open yards to green hedges there has been a material shift towards impermeable walls in the last two decades; so much so that the implantation of concrete walls is the rule now. Many walls are watertight too – built to circumvent flood waters. They are not made of blocks but of reinforced concrete! Development has been unplanned and only the construction of drains may improve things for the inhabitants.

Sustainable drainage systems: The only solution for the time being is “sustainable drainage system”. Yes, we need a sustainable drainage system in L’Amitié to improve the living experience of individuals, families and the community. SDS will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of L’Amiié at large.

Dumping Irresponsibly: In “Environment Pollution: Drains are the lungs of the village!” AHEAD shares the state of some of the existing drains in the village. Dumping and waste disposal in nature have become the culprit. Unoccupied bare land contribute enormously in preventing the fluid passage of waters. Drains are blocked where they exist. And where drains do not exist, items of pollution roam around the village and yards. It’s simply disgusting and highly unhygienic

Inclusive approach: What we need is an inclusive holistic approach to address flood problem in L’Amitié. When the consultation process will start?