Stop, Reduce and find an Alternative for plastic!

Stop using plastic. It’s destroying the environment. We can change our habits and adopt a new way of living as from today. Only if we change our habits, we will see change in the world.  We know that, of the 444,695 tonnes of garbage Mauritians produce annually, 428,032 tonnes, i.e. 96%, of it is domestic waste. All this waste goes to the landfill station at Mare Chicose. Unfortunately Mauritius has no segregated quantitative statistics regarding specific plastic consumables that are used by the population.  We need a concrete strategy and a national policy to re-orient our consumption patterns in a holistic manner.

Its time to think and act in a sustainable manner. As individuals, we can set a new target for ourselves. we can easily reduce our own plastic waste by 50% immediately by adopting a new life style.  We can stop using plastic cutlery, bottles, bags , containers and plastic folders immediately. Cigarette butts are also polluting the environment. Stopping or reducing significantly, in the first instance, use of plastic containers and products is a question of habit.  We can change our habits. We will have to change our habits first and now.

Suraj Ray | 25.09.2017.