Message on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2019, celebrated on the 5th June. #BeatAirPollution.




Air Pollution and the adverse effects of Climate Change concerns us all. Quality of Air determines the quality of our lives!

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. Yearly, around 7 million people die in the world due to outdoor and household air pollution.

By Reducing Air Pollution, countries may reduce stroke, skin disease, heart disease, lung cancer, acute respiratory disease including asthma, among others. In the African region the annual death rate associated to Air Pollution is around 1 million.

So let us all take some serious steps today to improve the quality of air around us. One of main actions to encourage is tree planting. Trees are half of our lungs! We produce and exhale carbon dioxide. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. This vital element oxygen is the boon from trees.

So, I join all our member NGOs militating against the adverse effects of Climate Change and campaigning for Pure Air to encourage everybody take action to #BeatAirPollution now.