Environment pollution

Drains are the lungs of the village

This January and February we witnessed how far our drains are blocked by garbage, waste and debris. The results and consequences have been dramatic. We, the citizens of this country are as much responsible as any authority as anybody. Our relationship with nature and the environment appears to be utterly desirable.

We throw everything everywhere and anywhere. We seem to care less about the environment and our neighbours. We seem to show serious disrespect to land. Illegal dumping, irresponsible waste and garbage disposal is a real problem in Mauritius. Many a times, drivers would throw their waste and garbage from the window of their vehicles by the road side. Bare lands and sugarcane fields are becoming dumping grounds.

Many a times pedestrians will do the same thing. Inhabitants would throw their domestic wastes by the street, road side, fields and again bare land if any available. Our beaches and recreational areas, such as walks by the beach and nature trails are victim of polluters. People would pic-nic and leave all their left overs including plastic bottles, cans and disposables in the nature. The list can be long.

The question is not that law today prohibits pollution of any kind. The question is how far our citizens are responsible? We do not need the authorities to tell us not to pollute the environment. So it is high time that Mauritians take their own responsibilities as a civilised and responsible nation vis a vis nature and the environment.

Let us stop polluting and disposing waste and garbage everywhere.