Brutal aftermath of heavy rains

Invasion of mosquitoes in the aftermath of heavy rains and floods!

2018 has started very rainy! Indeed, our reservoirs in Mauritius are happy this year. Most are practically full. We have been blessed by rain more than enough. And we are only in February.

Yet, one of the main problems associated with heavy rain is flood. Amitié has not been spared this year again, as usual. Owing to its topography, this small village situated in the Rivière du Rempart district of the Republic, called L’Amitié or simply Amitié (20° 6′ 34″ South, 57° 39′ 50″ East), is a land where rain water converge to flood the habitations, plantations, yards and streets unreservedly. This has been the eternal problem of the village. There are two major convergence points or ‘streams’ (in French ‘radier’) in the village where water will accumulate.

One of interesting facts about this village is that the topography is such that it was convenient and easy for early settlers (in the late 1800’s and 1900’s) to dig wells owing to the low and easy reach to water tables (in French ‘nappes phréatiques’) beneath soil. So still today there are many of those old wells in the village carefully safeguarded by inhabitants. These wells are part of our heritage! But during flood times, the wells overflow and after the passage of rains and flood waters, the wells continue to overflow for weeks and many a times during months.

This situation provokes permanent water flow in the yards of inhabitants and in the village. Water will thus flow permanently for weeks and months in specific areas, where usually the natural drains had settled in historic times. In today’s setup, ‘development’ and some ‘constructions’ including garbage and waste dumping have obstructed water passages. The consequences are that water finds its way to the slopes as it deems it appropriate without human being having any control over it, thus causing damage. This is a major source of inconvenience for the inhabitants of Amitié.

A few new drains have been constructed by the authorities. Although the drains are useful, they have not totally solved the problem of floods and stagnating waters. Mush works have to be completed and carried out. Mosquitoes and insects invasion is real in the aftermath of rains and floods. A real danger for the inhabitants and public in general. It’s a question of public health and hazards. Yes, mosquitoes are there! And it’s a brutal aftermath of heavy rains! AHEAD has written to the authorities about these issues. It is hoped that the authorities will act. We hope so, in all humility…