Community Learning and Engagement Programme 2018

AHEAD Meet with UTM Students

A fantastic meet with very vivid and enthusiastic youth willing to make a change in the community. AHEAD met the students of the University of Technology (UTM) on Thursday 29 March 2018 at its main campus in La Tour Koenig, Pointe-aux-Sables  –  situated in the district of Moka. UTM is one of its kind offering a unique plethora of learning opportunities to the students and the learning community (local and international) in the Republic of Mauritius.

Community Learning and Engagement Programme is the perfect opportunity for undergrads and other students to throw themselves into the real world and enjoy life in all its dimensions. Community learning is an enriching experience and sharing between people, and the more so between the young generation of students and experienced social workers and activists.  Its an incursion in the realm of reality, meeting people from all wakes of life at grass-root level, leaving behind them their comfort zones and the thick walls of the university. Its a go for real life experience helping the NGOs meet their objects and goals. Community learning is a perfect blend of ingredients which creates the dynamic synergy required for youth development and giving sense to theories learnt at the university. Its a way yo reduce the divide between theory and practice.

AHEAD shared its experiences with the eager and enthusiastic students of the UTM encouraging the youth to get involved with service to community and to get actively engaged with people at grass-root, with nature, with living things and adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals Mauritius has aligned itself as a nation.

AHEAD| 30.03.2018