Community Learning and Engagement (CLEn), Semester 2, December 2018

Community Learning and Engagement (CLEn) @ UTM

On Wednesday 19 December 2018, AHEAD met the students of the University of Technology (UTM) at the Minicipal Council Hall of Port Louis to share experiences relating to the Employment Law in Mauritius. The aim of the exercise was to listen to the students and understand their griefs. The activity was inspiring and unsurprisingly educative for AHEAD. From discrimination to violence at work and from meritocracy to gender balance, and from leaves and benefits to dismissal, the exchange was up to expectations. This exercise marks credit for the students for their CLEn project.

To underline, in 2015, MACOSS signed a MoU with the UTM entitled “Community Learning and Engagement (CLEn)”. CLEn Programme is a compulsory module. Each year, UTM students join NGOs for a specific period of time not exceeding 3 months to complete projects under the guidance and supervision of NGOs. In October of this year, 45 students from the UTM have joined AHEAD for community engagement. As part of CLEn with AHEAD the students are required to organise a series of activities culminating into a main conference 2019.

In view of above, AHEAD is supervising the team with a view to developing their community skills through advocacy, research work and practical engagement with civil society. This activity encompasses SDG 4, Education for sustainable development and global citizenship. Youth development has always been a pillar of AHEAD’s activities. The 2030 target includes knowledge acquisition and skills development to promote sustainable development. Among others, it includes sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development. AHEAD lays emphasis on Engagement, Emancipation and Empowerment of Youth under this programme.

At the end of the project, students will understand what is SDG 4, be acquainted to Chapter II, “protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual” of the Constitution of Mauritius. Students will have two main activities, (i) academic research; and (ii) practical engagement. Each student is required to individually conduct research work on the Global Goals with a specific requirement to draft a report on SDG #4. This will enable students understand the SDGs and pave the way forward for the World of Work.

19.12.2018 | AHEAD