WASH – Successful Completion of Project

AHEAD’s Grass-Root Project Initiative (2021-2023)

Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections and reduce other infectious diseases among underprivileged vulnerable families

(An immediate support to vulnerable families in response to COVID-19 infections and capacity building).

AHEAD has successfully completed the WASH project. The said project started in the year 2021 and ended in July 2023. The project was co-financed by the Executive Committee Members of AHEAD, private donors and volunteers; and the National Social Inclusion Foundation (NSIF) under the ‘Small Scale Initiative’.


AHEAD is deeply thankful to its Board Members and its donors for making the project successful. It is with great humility that AHEAD engaged in this project. It is just the start of a long journey in improving the lives of people. This project is the 3rd of its kind, after the 3C Project (Composting, Cultivating and Cropping) and the COVID-19 project where more than 200 food/vegetable paxs were donated to to the vulnerable families, here closes the WASH project. A new project is already on its way… (more details in our next blog!)


The Board of AHEAD expreses its satisfaction to the fact that the project could provide support and touched at least 10 vulnerable/poor families, 20 children of which around 10 youths, 14 women, 8 elderly and 3 disabled. It is underlined that all the families occupy state lands and are ‘squatters’. The main challenges are clean tap drinking water, electricity, toilet facilities and sewer, waste water drainage, sanitation and poor unhygienic living conditions. Education is a major challenge.


AHEAD operates in a well organised manner. A few years back, AHEAD carried out a survey amonst 150 families in the region of Roches Noires, Rivière du Rempart, Mon Lousis, Belle Vue Maurel and Amitié. 105 families were identified of which 37 were from Roches Noires itself. Due to lack of funds only 10 families were selected for the project.

AHEAD runs a permanent Secretariat at Amité, a small village in the Rivière du Rempart district of Mauritius, and has all the necessary facilities and expertise to run such projects.

As the project was launched and mostly implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic where vulnerable and poor families were more affected, many lessons were learnt.  Many vulnerable and poor families are still struggling to get the basic necessities of life in Mauritius. COVID 19 unveiled the vulnerabbility of human beings and taught many lessons and amongst, survival and sustainablility, which has permanently changed the way human lives.

Thanks to the project, AHEAD has been able to develop stronger bonds with the poor and vulnerable families at the grass-root level. It has been able to deepen its understanding of the vulnerability. The WASH project was an eye-opener and has effectively opened the floodgate of knowledge and compassion. An opportunity to unlearn and re-learn the basics.

AHEAD continues its journey in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. What is more challenging are funds for projects which re critical to run and implement such programmes. Well, its an opportunity for donors and stakeholders to come visit us at L’Amitié and see the work of AHEAD. Its through the blessings of donors and volunteers that projects are successfl! Your support is necessary! One rupee can change the destiny of a whole family.

AHEAD is fully engaged and comitted to bring a positive sustainable change in the way we approach societal challenges

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