Our Secretariat

Our Head Office

The Secretariat is also the Head Office of AHEAD. It’s situated at Royal Road, Amitié. Headed by the President, whose Office is located there, the AHEAD is run by a group of volunteers and activists. Board Meetings are mainly held there and it’s the central nervous system where decisions are taken and activities crafted.

Our Visitors’ Book

Our visitors’ Book is preciously kept at the Secretariat. It is testimony of our eminent guests and visitors. Their comments, reflexions and suggestions are a source of inspiration for our ongoing and future activities.

Our Green Space

We have a lovely green space where bio-farming is encouraged. The idea of a green space germinated after the “3C Project – Compost, Cultivate and Crop” which AHEAD had started in 2010 and which was restated in 2020. during the COVID-19 pandemic and where home gardening was privileged again. The Board decided to explore in depth bio-agriculture and the garden is blooming. It’s an open space for reflection, resourcing and relaxing. Its AHEAD’s “Inspiration Garden”, our big green corner where research ideas are nurtured. Exhibitions and capacity building activities in sustainable agriculture and sustainable “market gardening” are showcased to school children, visitors, beneficiaries and our stakeholders.

Our Wall Paintings

AHEAD encourages arts and paintings as part of its sustainable experiences. In December 2020, a team of young artists from various colleges and universities invested their precious time in conceptualising AHEAD’s interiors. An interior design passionately created for AHEAD in line with its Objects and engagements. The Interior is inspiring and welcoming.

Our Volunteers

AHEAD is a not for profit organisation. It cannot sustain its activities without the support of donors, volunteers, and its stakeholders. We rely on the wonderful and precious support of our volunteers and donors who believe in our work. The bond of trust rests on our insistence for integrity and accountability. We invite more volunteers to make sustainable development a success story in Amitié and in Mauritius.